Discover delicious foods and cuisines in different places of the world

 Exploring international cuisine can be a delicious adventure, as different cultures offer unique experiences to taste other foods and flavors.

  Here are some examples of the best international cuisine:

1. Italian Pizza: A pizza baked in an oven with a base of dough, tomato sauce and cheese, which can be decorated with a variety of toppings.

2. Japanese sushi: a Japanese meal consisting of pieces of raw fish such as salmon, tuna, and rice cooked with vinegar and sugar.

3. Mexican Tacos: A Mexican meal consisting of fried corn husks and stuffed with cooked meat, vegetables and sauces.

4. Indian curry: An Indian meal consisting of pieces of meat or vegetables cooked in a spicy curry sauce.

5. Moroccan couscous:  Moroccan couscous is a delicious and delicious meal that combines the flavors of meat, vegetables, and spices in a distinctive way.

6. Chinese quiche: A Chinese meal consisting of rice cooked with a variety of ingredients such as meat and vegetables.

7. Italian Pasta: A type of Italian pasta served with a variety of sauces and fillings.

8. Mexican Fajitas: slices of grilled meat or grilled chicken served in tortilla bread with vegetables and sauces.

9. Greek Salad: A salad made of cucumbers, tomatoes, olives, feta cheese, oil and herbs.

10.  The Eastern Market: A meal famous in many regions of the Middle East, which includes a variety of grilled dishes and appetizers.

11. American Burger: grilled or grilled meat placed between two slices of bread and served with complements such as cheese and vegetables.

12. Sushi Burrito: It comes from the combination of Japanese sushi and the idea of a Mexican burrito. It contains raw fish, rice, vegetables and sauces.

13. German Bad Timers: A type of grilled German sausage served with bread, mustard and onions.

14. Spanish Tapas: A group of small and varied dishes such as cheese, meat, seafood and vegetables.

15. French pancakes: A French meal consisting of layers of dough with various fillings such as meat, cheese and vegetables.

16. Ethiopian mocha: A type of Ethiopian coffee served with milk and sugar and considered part of a social ritual.

17. Korean Tacos: Grilled meat with Korean spices served inside a tortilla with vegetables and sauces.

18. Chinese Bao: Chinese soft bread stuffed with different ingredients such as meat or vegetables.

19. unique noodles: like Japanese ramen noodles or Chinese lumen noodles.

20. Thai Food: Examples include tom yum (tom yum soup) and pad thai (raw green salad).

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